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H-1B & E-3 Visas

A Pathway to Professional Opportunities in the United States

Working with clients and corporations throughout Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, we have the experience and knowledge to help professionals get the documentation they need to secure employment in the U.S. Through H-1B visas, and E-3 visas for certain Australian immigrants, our attorney, Omiga C. Cape, can help you build or extend your career.

The H-1B is a highly sought visa and in 2009 has recently become moderately more available for those subject to the H-1B cap. With more than a decade spent exclusively handling immigration law cases, we at Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC, are fully equipped and prepared to help you build and support your immigration application or extend your stay in the country.

Employment Based Visas Attorney

Providing personalized and professional counsel, our office works with professionals seeking to build or maintain employment opportunities in the United States. Along with permanent residency options, we help clients obtain a range of non-immigrant visas. Whether you are looking to work for a beltway tech company or other industries across Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C., we can help you with a range of services:

  • H-1B Application — The H-1B is classified as a specialty occupation/professional visa. It requires that the employee be in a position requiring a bachelors degree or higher, and that the employee's degree be in the field in which they are working. This is a highly regulated visa in which employers are expected to pay many of the associated government filing fees and attorney fees in certain instances.
  • H-1B Renewal — We can help you continue your employment opportunities in the area by renewing your H-1B work visa.
  • H-1B Transfer — For clients who want to change companies in the U.S., we can help you process and build a strong application to allow you to broaden your employment and career opportunities.
  • E-3 Application — Like the H-1B, the E-3 visa is also a specialty occupation/professional visa, but it is specifically targeted toward Australian citizens.

If you need an experienced lawyer to provide highly personalized immigration representation and counsel to support your application or renewal process, rely on our proven record of success and our commitment to client service.

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