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A Way to Make Up for Past Mistakes

For many people, a criminal conviction or evidence of a fraudulent action in immigration documentation seems like the end of a journey toward a green card or citizenship. Many people assume they have no choice but to try and disappear into the crowd and stay in the U.S. illegally, but some immigrants can avoid deportation and get back on a legal path through waivers.

Make sure that you know and understand your options before deciding to do something that could endanger your opportunities in the country. At Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC, we provide a safe and knowledgeable environment for people to discuss their immigration status and to find out how a lawyer can help you get on the right track.

A Way to Overcome Inadmissibility

If being expelled from the country would put you or a family member into a situation of hardship or at risk of harm, then you may be a strong candidate for one of several types of waivers. These hardships can include health, financial, educational and personal considerations, and with proper counsel from an experienced attorney we may be able to find a range of options.

Our office can work with you to help you stay in the country legally even if you would otherwise be inadmissible because of:

  • Criminal records
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Fraud or misrepresentation on immigration documents
  • Entering the country illegally
  • Health related inadmissibility

Our attorney works closely with you throughout the waiver process, which means you always have someone on your side in the system who will fight for you and your opportunities. And, if we succeed in the waiver process, you can go on toward a long term immigration solution through a family-based or employment-based visa.

Put Experience On Your Side

Our attorney has been working exclusively in the area of immigration law for more than a decade and has helped individuals and businesses across Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. Find out more about our practice or schedule a confidential consultation with our office. Contact us today.

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