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Alexandria Spouse Immigration Lawyer

Consular Processing | I-130 | Spousal Immigration

In order to help your spouse obtain a family-based immigration visa, which can lead to a green card and legal permanent resident status in the United States, you need to determine which visa process is most appropriate for you and your wife or husband. Doany of these scenarios sound similar to your situation?

  • You were married abroad, and now wish to live together in the U.S. If your spouse is still in another country, the immigrant visa application will be handled through the U.S. Consulate in that country. This is known as "consular processing."
  • Your spouse entered the U.S. on a K-1 fiance/fiancee visa — you are now married and your spouse now needs an adjustment of status.
  • Your spouse entered the U.S. some other way — on an education visa, tourist visa or a work visa — and then fell out of status by overstaying that visa.

Our immigration law attorney will advise you about the process and discuss the documentation needed to bring your spouse to the United States or to get permanent residency status for your spouse who is already in the United States. We will alert you to any possible obstacles and discuss options. Having a knowledgeable immigration lawyer can both speed up the process and improve your chances of success.

Contact an Alexandria Spouse Immigration Attorney

Are you seeking the services of an immigration attorney to help you through the process of sponsoring your spouse in a timely manner? Contact us at Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC, in Alexandria, Virginia, regarding any spouse sponsorship questions concerning consular processing, adjustment of status or I-130 applications and supporting documents. We will offer you successful solutions to help you and your wife or husband gain the right to live together in the U.S. without obstacles.

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