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K-1 & K-3 Visas

Bringing Families From Across the Globe Together

When the unity of your family is at stake in an immigration process, make sure you have a lawyer on your side that you can trust to offer the right experience and commitment to your case.

Working to bring spouses and families together in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area, Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC, has built a strong reputation for effective and successful counsel. Our founding attorney has spent more than a decade focused on helping immigration law clients reach their goals and build a life in the U.S.

Fiancé(e) and Spousal Visas

When you are looking for a permanent residency solution for a loved one, a family member or a spouse, you should make sure your attorney is fully committed to bringing you together. Our lawyer, Omiga C. Cape, takes a personal approach to clients. Our focus is on streamlining your fiance visa or spouse visa application and your case to bring you and your loved ones together as soon as possible.

To bring a couple together we usually have two strong options:

  • K-1 Visas — A K-1 visa is reserved for a U.S. citizen to bring a fiance'(e), either a man or a woman, into the U.S. with the purpose of marrying that individual within 90 days. Once married and in the country, that person can then apply for a green card (lawful permanent residence) to complete the immigration process. This can often be the fastest and most efficient way to bring someone into the country, and while there are some eligibility requirements you should discuss with our attorney, we can work to help you unite with a loved one.
  • K-3 Visas — A K-3 visa allows a U.S. citizen to bring an existing spouse into the country. Created to streamline family unification, it is important to work with legal counsel that can help you create an accurate application that can be processed easily and efficiently.

Our office works with you and your spouse or fiancé(e) at every stage of the immigration process. We keep you involved and informed, so that you understand how we pursue your case and what to expect.

Work With an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

It is a struggle to be separated from your fiancé(e), spouse or loved one. When you work with our office, we put ourselves to the task of uniting or reuniting your family in the United States. Call our office or contact us online today to find out more about how we can help you and your family.

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